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We are Direct Primary Care

You receive medical care at an amazing low cost without having to go through traditional health insurance.

Evolution of Direct Primary Care

This new, and revolutionary model of care is growing in popularity in the United States. Join over a quarter million other Americans and become a member of our DPC practice. More than 1,000 DPC practices spread across 48 states, are serving people like you!

Benefits of Direct Primary Care (DPC)

High-quality primary care

The doctor takes the time to concentrate on your needs with preventive health services, management of chronic medical conditions, and much more.


Your doctor is always available

24/7 access to your primary care doctor who has the time to focus on you and your healthcare needs.

No co-payments No deductibles

Access to your physician by paying a low monthly fee, and without hidden charges.

Immediate communication

Phone calls, text messages, emails or video conference with your doctor, both in English and Spanish through our secure application.

Access to the specialist's community of Alliance DPC

Professionals committed to providing medical care of excellent quality, and at low cost to all members of the plan.

Provider's network for additional services

Laboratory tests, diagnostic images, medication, physical therapy, and much more at wholesale prices.

Attention available to everybody

Regardless of the current health condition, age, citizenship or immigration status.

Alliance DPC, your solution in Direct Primary Care

Why Direct Primary Care?

In regular insurance policies, you pay for insurance brokers, intermediaries, expensive infrastructure, bureaucracy, advertising, and benefits for multiple shareholders.

These high costs make medical care inaccessible, and sometimes impossible to pay for many people; however most health care occurs in the primary care physician’s office, and is actually low cost.

With Direct Primary Care you only pay for the services you use, with no middle man, along with the quality of services, you won’t regret switching into our model.

Traditional Attention vs Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Traditional Model

Fragmented attention:

The patient sometimes has to be seen by different health providers, and you can not control the location, it can’t happen outside office hours or during weekends, and this is why the patient ends up in emergency care with the associated consequences and cost.

Direct Primary Care Model

Longitudinal care:

Medical care is provided in different scenarios: office, out-of-office hours and weekends, urgent and unexpected situations. If a problem becomes more complex, the primary physician consults and coordinates with the appropriate specialist.

Traditional Model

Impersonal service:

Traditional doctor offices tend to be larger, and less personalized (approximately 2000-3000 patients per physician). In these cases, direct relationships with patients become more difficult.

Direct Primary Care Model

Personalized attention:

The Direct Primary Care model tends to be small, generally limited between 400 to 600 patients per physician (compared to 2000-3000 in traditional practice), which allows for more personalized attention.

Traditional Model

Production-oriented service:

Payments to the doctor are based on the number of patients treated for this reason the time the doctor spends with the patient is limited, and the patients suffer from this behavior.

Direct Primary Care Model

Patient orientation:

Due to the size of the practices, and the internal structure, the doctor has enough time for each patient. This is reflected in savings for the patient by reducing unnecessary visits to specialists, emergency visits, and hospitalizations.

Traditional Model


Government, and insurance companies often interfere with the service provided by the doctor. It is not necessarily reflected in the best interest in the patient’s health.

Direct Primary Care Model


Practices in Direct Primary Care provide care that is neither dictated or conditioned by insurance companies, or the government. Therefore, there is no interference from third parties.

Traditional Model

Little convenience:

The patient usually has to wait for days, even weeks to see the doctor, and can only see him during office hours. If the patient requires attention at different times or on weekends, he/she often ends up in another place where sometimes he must also wait for hours.

Direct Primary Care Model


Direct Primary Care is provided at the most convenient time for the patient. Some consultations can be done online, by email or by phone, saving the patient even more time and money.

Traditional Model

Corrective care:

Traditional medical offices are often so busy that it becomes challenging to access preventive visits with enough time to advise healthy lifestyles, to reduce illnesses and improve the quality of life of patients.

Direct Primary Care Model

Preventive care:

Direct Primary Care stimulates preventive visits due to the fact of prepaid membership. Patients feel more motivated to seek care considering that they have no additional cost. The obvious result is the reduction of unnecessary diseases and other medical problems.

Traditional Model

Hidden charges:

Usually, the traditional model of medicine does not publish charges and prices. This is often due to the insurance payment system. As a result of this lack of transparency, many patients give up looking for health care because they must pay high costs.

Direct Primary Care Model


Membership prices are exposed, and there are no hidden charges. This stimulates the doctor-patient relationship making contact more regular, saving money and promoting health.

Alliance DPC is the solution in quality health services and affordable cost for you, your family, and/or your company.

ENROLL now, and start experiencing the amazing benefits of Direct Primary Care alongside Dr. Rengifo!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alliance Direct Primary Care (DPC)?
ALLIANCE DPC is a membership with Dr. Rengifo, which includes Direct Primary Care and access to a network of health providers that offer significant discounts in laboratories, diagnostic imaging, medications, physical therapy and much more.
Is ALLIANCE DPC health insurance?
No. It’s a relationship between you and Dr. Rengifo, based on membership. It is a prepaid package of health services with access to a network of services.
How to use ALLIANCE DPC?
Our Direct Primary Care plan can be used alone or combined with a catastrophic health insurance policy or Healthshare for optimal coverage.

Over time, you can save thousands of dollars on your health services without purchasing expensive insurance policies that do not cover all of your needs.

Who is ALLIANCE DPC for?
It is for everyone who values their health, and is tired of paying too much for health insurance.

Our plan offers patients primary care of high quality, preventive health services, and management of chronic medical conditions, regardless of the current health condition, citizenship or immigration status.

Why pay the ALLIANCE DPC membership?
About 90% of patients can be treated successfully in the primary physician’s office.
How can ALLIANCE DPC be inexpensive?
The cost of offering health services is dramatically reduced, as it does not interact with insurance companies.

We have also obtained great discounts through our partners for laboratory services, and diagnostic imaging.

And you, are not paying the salaries of the intermediary of the insurance companies.

Can Dr. Rengifo bill my insurance plan?
No. Dr. Rengifo or Family Medicine of Weston does NOT contract with any private commercial insurance plan. We do not accept insurance payments.
Does ALLIANCE DPC work for business?

Yes. ALLIANCE DPC allows small businesses the possibility of offering their employees access to high-quality health services and additional services, without incurring costs that harm the finances of employers and employees.
Check our DPC FOR BUSINESS section

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ALLIANCE DPC: Primary care with you in mind.



    We look forward to meeting you! We strive to achieve your maximum health, and overall well-being with Alliance Direct Primary Care. For that reason, we do not prescribe medications for chronic pain management (Opioids, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, etc.) We also do not write controlled medications for ADHD ( Adderall XR, Concerta, Ritalin, etc.)

    All new individual members will pay a one time Fee of $80/ $40 (adult/child) at the time of enrollment along with the first-month billing.

    Adults 22 to 64 years old:
    $79/ month
    Children from 7 to 21 years old: $39/ month
    Children from 7 to 21 enrolled without an adult member of the family: $79/ month
    *Adults 65+: $99/ month
    *Not available to Medicare Eligible individuals