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We are Direct Primary Care

That means your business gets Medical Care, at an amazing low cost, without having to jump through the traditional health care model.

Advantages of DPC for Businesses

Attract and Retain the Best Employees

Nothing speaks better of a company than its willingness to take good care of its employees. Healthcare are rated by job seekers as one of the most important benefits.

Healthy Employees Are More Productive

At Alliance Direct Primary Care we offer personalized attention with the convenience of office visits same day or next day, access 24/7 to your doctor, wellness services and more!

Our system is oriented to the needs of the patient and their professional practice, focusing in reducing absenteeism, and long waits at the doctor’s office.

Membership Equals Incredible Value

Costs for traditional health care have risen at record rates. Ask us how you can combine a membership with Alliance Direct Primary care with traditional health insurance or healthcare sharing to save money and provide better benefits to your employees. You can save from 40% to 60% in health care benefits.

Low Financial Burden

Due to the low costs, both for the company and for the employee, the amount dedicated annually to health services is significantly reduced.

ALLIANCE DPC is an innovative, high-quality, affordable health care delivery solution for your business.

Care Designed With Your Business In Mind!

Our pricing system is very straight forward, which probably isn’t what you are used to. Take a look at our business employee membership fees.

Low Cost: Flat rates. Monthly Fee: Adult $79, Children $39.
Flexibility: Give us notice, we will remove an employee who is no longer with you!


After Hours Attention: Online Visits, Text Messages, Phone Calls with the Doctor, Electronic Prescriptions


One Annual Wellness Examination: Visit, EKG, Physical Lab panel, Wellness analysis


Flu vaccine


25 Additional Physician Visits, Acupuncture, In Office Procedures


Up to 90% off labs and generic medications


Discounts in Radiology and Specialists through our independent providers network

Benefits of Direct Primary Care for Businesses

Attraction and retention of the best employees

Generating exceptional satisfaction, and less staff turnover can be a great challenge that includes many factors. By offering this benefit to your employees, and their families, a basic need for security is met.

Costs reduction

When you combine the ALLIANCE DPC membership with a high-deductible insurance you can save from 40% to 60% in healthcare benefits.

Timely & Effective Care

Your employees will have access to their Primary Care Physician when they need it via telephone, messages, emails, and online visits which means fewer absences and reduction of the time your employee spends out of work.

Low financial burden

Due to the low costs, both for the company and for the employee, the amount dedicated annually to health services is significantly reduced.

Price stability

The costs remain stable unlike the increasing premiums of the insurance companies.

Less absenteeism

Direct Primary Care improves the health, and well-being of your employees, reducing unnecessary visits to specialists, urgent care, and emergency rooms.

Greater productivity

Employees become healthier, happier, and more satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the employer, am I obligated to pay the remaining time within the 12 months of the membership if an employee is terminated or resigned?
No. Just let us know the termination date, and we will remove the employee for the following month’s invoice.
Could the employee continue to self-pay the membership fees to DPC after they have left the company?
Of course! We will get in contact with the patient directly and transfer the payment to their credit/debit card if he or she wishes to do so.
Is there a contract or an obligation with Direct Primary Care, and the business when it comes to some fringe benefits?
No, there is no long-term obligation. There is only the agreement the patient signed to at the time of enrollment.

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ALLIANCE DPC: Primary care with you in mind.



    We look forward to meeting you! We strive to achieve your maximum health, and overall well-being with Alliance Direct Primary Care. For that reason, we do not prescribe medications for chronic pain management (Opioids, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, etc.) We also do not write controlled medications for ADHD ( Adderall XR, Concerta, Ritalin, etc.)

    All new individual members will pay a one time Fee of $80/ $40 (adult/child) at the time of enrollment along with the first-month billing.

    Adults 22 to 64 years old:
    $79/ month
    Children from 7 to 21 years old: $39/ month
    Children from 7 to 21 enrolled without an adult member of the family: $79/ month
    *Adults 65+: $99/ month
    *Not available to Medicare Eligible individuals